Unlocking investment potential


Grosvenor Venture Partners is a boutique real estate investor that targets small and medium sized real estate co-investment opportunities in the range of £5-50million. Our team pride themselves on being able to identify superior risk-adjusted investment opportunities.

  • Innovative, flexible and a hands-on approach
  • Extensive market knowledge
  • Analytical and management skills
  • Excellent market contacts
  • Work closely with a team of professional advisers, third party financiers, solicitors, accountants and valuators

We have an established network of joint venture partners specialising in direct real estate investments in the UK, across all asset classes.

Focus on returns:

Our primary commitment is to serve the best interests of our investors by maximising the financial return on their behalf, conservatively maximising asset value and minimising risk.

Research and execution:

Our platform provides the essential local intelligence and asset management execution strength required for real estate investments in the UK, across all major asset classes.

Professional Values:

Grosvenor Venture Partners share a common vision and ethos based on integrity, professionalism, trust and performance.

Strong Client-Focus:

We offer a range of bespoke services, providing our clients with a comprehensive, research-based and analytical approach to investing in real estate.


Our unique practice provides our clients with:


We are constantly sourcing opportunities that require us to move fast. Our strict investment criteria include the underlying quality of assets, potential exit scenario and timeline, stability of cash flows and capital growth potential.


We grow our diverse base of investors simultaneously, taking great care in understanding their specific investment goals and requirements.


We then match our recommended investment products to the suitable investors in line with desired risk-adjusted returns, exposure to specific asset classes, exit scenarios and type of investment structuring.


Equity Strategy

Joint Venture Equity investments are made alongside co-investing local operating partners and usually comprise 50-90% of the total equity requirement. Grosvenor Venture Partners is able to source off-market and privately negotiated deals, directly from owners, developers and operators, as well as marketed deals through strong working relationships with a network of national and local brokers. We take a flexible approach to sourcing and structuring investments, meeting all the requirements of our investors.

Equity funding is either structured for one-off investments or allocated as part of a fund catering for multiple investments over a longer period of time.

Core Strategy

Grosvenor Venture Partners targets investments that have unique undervalued potential and significant value to be created.

Often these assets are in sectors where the operation of the asset is key to the optimisation of its value. Thus we adopt a hands-on approach to construction, property and asset management to maximise value and minimise risk for our investment portfolio.


We implement change at the asset level by applying traditional property skills such as:

  • Refurbishment
  • Development
  • Planning improvement

  • Change of use
  • Active tenant management strategies


To generate an exposure to prime London and greater UK real estate assets, across all asset classes, by focusing on deep research & analysis and an active asset management strategy to:

  • Deliver outsized, risk-adjusted rates of return
  • Achieve long term capital growth without any significant risk concentrations



  1. Capitalise on refurbishment and upgrading of existing residential buildings in prime urban locations

  2. Acquire planning permission and execute conversion of prime central London commercial properties to residential

  3. Additional value-creation through a combination of efficient capital management and leasing strategies

New Residential Developments:

  • Premium residential new-build developments
  • Opportunity to lock-in future 12-30 month prices
  • Advantageous financing and payment options
  • Long leaseholds and freehold opportunities available in prime central and greater London

Alternative assets:

Exclusive opportunities are available through our partners as follows:

  • New-build hotel developments
  • Student housing projects
  • Warehousing and storage
  • Healthcare facilities and care homes

Residential Purchases:

  • Premium prime central London residential units
  • Carefully researched and selected properties
  • Income and capital growth potential